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Handmade Leather Cover Diary Horse Embossed

Handmade Leather Cover Diary Horse Embossed
Product Code: 7C-DLF-20
Rs 464.00

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Handmade leather cover Journal-Diary has a traditional design of Rajasthani "Horse" which symbolizes Power. Figure embossed on the front cover with artistic design on the borders and back cover.

  • Paper: Indian cotton rag handmade paper that is acid free
  • Material: Leather Cover
  • Color: Brown
  • Number of Pages: 160-200 , Number of Page Leaves: 80-100
  • Ruling: Unruled

Additional Details: Pure leather, by nature, has some scars (due to markings/cuts on animal skin) which reconfirms that the leather is 100% genuine. Each leather product has a distinctive color tone, which may be different from shown images.

Disclaimer: Since the product is handcrafted item, there may be slight variations in design accuracy, uniformity and size.

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